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What do I do? I help people find money.  I coach.  I educate my clients to make the right choice.  I work as part of your real estate team to achieve your dream of home ownership.  I make you feel good about the process of getting a mortgage.  The mortgage industry in Canada is one of the best in the world.  We do things right.   

More specifically...Purchase Mortgages, Renewal Mortgages, Switch Mortgages, Refinance Mortgages, Equity Take Out Mortgages, Divorce / Separation Mortgages (AKA: Spousal Buyouts), Rental Purchases, Second Home Purchases.

On top of education, choice, consistency, communication and just being REALLY good at what I do, I have some of the best rates, and products, in the country. 



It all starts with an application.   I'm not an order taker and you shouldn't feel like you are an automated robo-client, filling in the blanks.  Let's chat.  Let's find out what you are looking to do.  Why do you want to do it?  Then let's get the numbers...

Let's make a plan.  Are you ready to buy?  I'll issue you a qualifying letter so you can make confident offers.  Are you refinancing?  Let's move ahead to the next step of verifying balances, ordering appraisals, etc.   


Purchased? You've got your keys!  If anything comes up post closing, you are still MY client. 

Refinances: You've got your new mortgage. I'll be sure to follow up on any cheques the lawyer disbursed, correct payment frequencies, etc.

Don't worry, we'll stay in touch, friends always do! 

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